Training Teams

The SPDBasketball Training Team Program is an inclusive basketball community focused on year-round player development.

Teams      Boys                     Girls
14 & U      Spartan              Storm
12 & U      Spider                 Shadow
10 & U      Shock                  Sparks

This program is a great fit for any player who enjoys basketball and is interested in improving. It is the perfect fit for the player who has a passion to be the best they can be. It is designed to complement a player's regular-season basketball team experience while not discouraging players from participating in various other activities, e.g. other sports, music, clubs, etc. It is the philosophy of SPDBasketball that individuals benefit from playing multi-sports up to and even beyond high school when possible.

SPDBasketball Teams train once per week throughout the school year and twice a week during the summer. Players usually practice regularly with a specific team; however, all teams in the Training Team Program run the same system.  This allows for players to easily flow back and forth between teams if they miss a practice, want a little extra practice or are at a point where some competition against more advanced players would benefit them.

Former Division I head coach and Director of SPDBasketball, Robert Burke, oversees instruction for every team and is usually present at every practice.

In addition to practice, players have the opportunity to play pickup basketball every weekend throughout the year.

Players also receive a significantly discounted rate on all other SPDBasketball activities, i.e. summer camps, clinics, private instruction, etc.

Outside competitions are used to provide feedback and are almost always entered only outside the traditional basketball season.

The schedule for outside competition varies from team to team but will usually include four to six scrimmages and a minimum of three tournaments per year. In certain cases league play may be used as a complement to or substitute for some of the scrimmages or tournaments. A strong emphasis will be placed on limiting travel and cost when possible. It is the philosophy of SPDBasketball that there is a time and place for extensive travel but prior to high school, players are best served by spending that time closer to home working on their skills.

Learning how to win is at the heart of all Training Team instruction, but the success of the SPDBasketball Training Team Program will never be based on the number of championships each team wins.

Rather the program should be judged on:

1. The improvement made on and off the court by each player in the program.

2. The passion each player has for the game and the enjoyment they get from participating in the program.

3. The friendships each player and parent makes as a result of participating in the program.

4.  The success each player has on their Rec, CYO, middle school, high school and maybe even college team.

The cost of the program is $100 per month, due at the beginning of each month, plus the cost of the player's uniform and entrance fees for outside competitions. 

SPDBasketball is committed to making the Training Team Program accessible to as many players as possible. In that regard, there is financial assistance for those who qualify.

For additional information on any of the teams listed above or to inquire about coaching opportunities please email SPDBasketball@gmail.com.