The SPDBasketball Training Team Program is an inclusive basketball community rooted in Kensington, MD and the surrounding area. The focus of the program is to provide premier year-round player development for boys and girls grades 3-8. 

Except on rare occasions, all basketball coaching is provided by Coach Burke, who is a former Division I Head Coach with over 30 years of youth coaching experience. 

For as little as $110 per month, players have the opportunity to attend one weekly Skills Practice, one weekly Decision Making Workout and play supervised Pickup Games multiple times per week:

Weekly Skills Practice -  These practices are largely focused on individual fundamentals - shooting, passing, & dribbling as well as footwork, ballhandling, timing & spacing. 

Weekly Decision Making Workouts - These workouts are intended to improve a players fundamentals and decision making ability under pressure. The workouts involve live situations (1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc.) with certain restrictions, e.g. no dribbling, must trap all ball screens, etc. 

Weekly Pickup Games -  Players pick teams and call their own fouls. Winning matters - winners stay on and losers wait on the sideline for the next game. This is how the greats of the game learned to play.  This "old school" approach to learning the game teaches so much more than just basketball. 

Payment Options

1-Month Commitment is $130 

3-Month Commitment is $360 

6-Month Commitment is $660

Weekly Options for Practice, Workouts & Pickup:

Click Here For June 7 - August 29, 2021 Schedule

  • There are several Skills Practices offered each week for both the Elementary School (ES) and Middle School (MS) age groups.
  • Players sign up to regularly attend the same Skills Practice each week and have the option to also sign up to regularly attend a Decision Making Workout.
  • Because the vocabular and drills are consistent across all practices, players are easily able to attend a different practice or workout if a conflict with their regular time arises periodically. ​

If you have additional questions please email SPDBasketball@gmail.com

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SPDBasketball Training Team Program