SPDBasketball School Clinics:

Oakland Terrace Elementary School - Silver Spring, MD

Sessions offered after school: Fall '21, Winter '22, Spring '22

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Interested in SPDBasketball coming to your school?

Please email us at SPDBasketball@gmail.com.

SPDBasketball COVID Guidelines
· Drills will be limited to skill work that allows for social distancing
· Masks will be required for all coaches and players while indoors
· MoCo COVID protocols will be followed 

Afterschool Clinics

Put the “fun” in fundamentals! Join us for shooting, passing, catching and dribbling each week. All sessions are taught by a former Division I head coach. While the focus of the club is on developing basketball knowledge and fundamentals, students will also improve life skills such as coordination & balance, physical conditioning, confidence, teamwork, and listening. Students of all ability levels find these sessions challenging and rewarding.  Players are separated based on ability, size & age when appropriate.